Sunday Worship

We gather each Sunday at 10AM at 640 W Irving Park Road!


We gather for worship in the auditorium of the American Islamic College at 640 W Irving Park Road (Chicago, Illinois). There are two free, spacious parking lots (at 640 W. Irving Park Road and 639 W. Bittersweet Place).


Pre-registration is no longer required for our Sunday worship services! All are welcome to join us on Sundays at 10AM at 640 W Irving Park Road. We are continuing to encourage social distancing, and we ask all attendees (ages 3 and up) to wear a face mask unless fully vaccinated. We ask all attendees who are feeling unwell to worship from home.

Our worship space seats 965 people (between ground floor and balcony), which means that each of our services can host up to 240 participants (in accordance with the requirements of the City of Chicago). We will continue to monitor attendance, in the event that our services begin to reach capacity.


All those who are baptized and currently following Jesus are invited to participate in the Eucharistic meal! Individuals will come forward to receive communion at the front of the sanctuary. All Eucharist ministers will wear masks, and hand sanitizer will be available to congregants before they receive communion.

Ministers will serve consecrated bread and wine (in individual cups, not a shared chalice). If preferred, you can request that the minister give you a rice-based wafer instead of bread and non-alcoholic juice instead of wine. You can also request a fully sealed wafer/juice set.

Those who are unable to attend services in person can pick up pre-consecrated Eucharist (one month’s supply of sealed wafer/juice sets) the first Sunday of each month. Contact our staff for more info about this option!


Our children’s and youth classes (preschool – 12th grade) meet during the service, every other Sunday this summer. Click the link below to view class dates!  Email Jennifer Wood with any questions.

New to Immanuel?

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