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Love God, Love Others

A Summer Series from 1 John

Summer 2021

Growing Up Sacramental

Participating in Christ, from Birth to Death

Spring 2021

After a year like 2020, many of us are hungry for renewal. We want good news and healing from Jesus, but our days feel bland and disconnected. How can we connect the dots between the abundant life of Jesus and our own broken, tired and overly-digitized lives?

Growing Up Sacramental is an interactive teaching series about the grace of Jesus working its way into every stage of our lives, from our infancy to our deathbed. Together, we’ll learn how to recover our life in Christ through humble rituals, tangible practices and liturgies of grace and healing, so that our sufferings can be redeemed and our joy can be shared.

In this series, we’ll discover the grace of God in every nook and cranny of our lives; we’ll taste and see how the life of Jesus Christ – God in the flesh – brings life, flavor and meaning to our homes, jobs, sufferings, love lives, parties, parenting, and ordinary mornings and evenings. As we recover our soul and remember our calling, we will turn outward in the strength of Christ’s church to push back the darkness with sacramental art, justice and gospel witn


Prayer, Politics & the Power of God

Fall 2020

This fall, we turned to the prophet Daniel as an example of faithful courage in a time of crisis. Daniel was a noble young Jewish man who was captured from Jerusalem and taken into captivity by the king of Babylon. Though Daniel was displaced and exiled, far from his homeland, he persisted in prayer with confidence in the sovereignty of God. This allowed him to fulfill his unique calling among the leaders of Babylon. Rooted in God’s power and love, Daniel was able to worship God faithfully, serve his neighbors creatively, and proclaim the gospel courageously. As we wrestle with the uncertainty of our own lives, how can we find the strength to fulfill our own callings: to stay faithful to God, to serve our neighbors, and to proclaim the gospel boldly?

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