diaper depot

Help provide diapers for residents of 640 W Irving Park shelter.

the background

One Sunday last July, we heard that several hundred Venezuelan migrants were coming to live on the school campus where we worship. Since then, our church has welcomed over 1,000 Venezuelan neighbors, and we have been finding ways to serve this vulnerable community—with winter coats, Spanish Bibles and devotionals, a Christmas party, and Spanish worship services.

Wanting to do more, we commissioned a study in Spring 2024 (results below) to find ways to serve these neighbors better.


One fact stood out: there are 200 infants and toddlers who need diapers! The shelter’s staff provides some diapers, 3 at a time, but babies typically use 5-6 per day. Getting diapers is one of our neighbors’ greatest expressed needs.

Diapers can cost about 40 cents apiece, so families might need to spend $40 per month per child beyond what the shelter provides. This is a great burden for people who have no regular work.

So we are starting a diaper depot.

Every week, we will fill orders from families according to their needs, to supplement the diapers provided by the shelter. We are accepting donations now and hope to begin distribution by May 19.


$10 will provide a family with 25 diapers.

$50 will buy a case of diapers.

$250 will cover half of the weekly needs for all 200 babies.

Make it monthly: The campus will continue as a shelter throughout 2024, so we need giving partners who can make monthly gifts. Is that you?


Note: We are not able to accept diaper donations at the moment. Your gift of funds will help our team purchase the diapers that will best meet the needs of the shelter.


Members from our church conducted interviews in spring 2024 to assess the needs of the shelter. Read the report below to learn more.