Statement on Abuse


Immanuel Anglican Church believes that all persons should experience the church as a safe environment, free from any form of abuse. We believe that God is a refuge for the oppressed and never ignores the cry of the abused (Psalm 9:9, 12), and He wants His people to participate in this work.

Although we cannot control every circumstance, Immanuel strives to create a culture that does not allow abuse to thrive. You are invited to join our community in this holy ambition, as we embody God’s compassion and work to create a place of safety for every person in the church and a sanctuary of healing and justice for survivors.

Safety for Kids & Youth

We believe that safeguarding the spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being of children is one of our most important callings as a church body. Our Policies for the Protection of Children and Youth help to ensure that church activities involving babies, children and youth are consistent with the teachings and example of our Lord Jesus Christ and with the Christian tradition of nurturing children.

These policies include an overview of procedures and guidelines for our volunteers that are intended to facilitate a safe and nurturing environment in which babies, children and teens can grow in their relationship with Jesus.

You can review these policies below.

Immanuel’s Safety Coordinator is charged to oversee and implement policies and to handle problems or concerns related to child and youth safety.

Jennifer Wood

Safety Coordinator

Our current Safety Coordinator is Jennifer Wood, who also currently serves as Immanuel’s Director of Kids and Youth Ministries.

Churchwide Abuse Prevention

Abuse Prevention Policy

Immanuel’s Abuse Prevention Policy outlines Immanuel’s commitment to promote a culture where abuse cannot thrive. All Immanuel Leaders and incoming members are required to read and sign this Abuse Prevention Policy.

You can review the policy below.

Safeguarding Team

Immanuel’s Safeguarding Team is an Advisory Team of Immanuel’s Parish Council and exists to help prevent abuse at Immanuel by providing a clear and safe place for anyone to report allegations of abuse by an Immanuel Leader. The Safeguarding Team will also assist the church in its response to abuse allegations that may occur.

Below are the current members of Immanuel’s Safeguarding Team.

Mindy Meier

  • Masters in Christian Counseling
  • Recently retired after 32 years with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Aaron Sangha

  • Masters in Biblical Studies
  • Nursing Student

Sharon Whited

  • Masters Degree in Social Work
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Jess Wood

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry to Victims of Sexual Exploitation
  • CSEC Training Certification

Who to Contact

If you are in immediate danger or suspect that abuse has occurred:

Please contact the police immediately (call 9-1-1) if you are in danger or if you suspect a crime has been committed against any adult or child.

Additionally, if you have reason to suspect a child is being abused or neglected by a caregiver, contact DCFS to report this suspicion. (If you would like assistance in the process of reporting to DCFS, contact the Safeguarding Team.)

If you witness, learn of or experience any abuse, suspicion of abuse or potential misconduct by an Immanuel Leader*:

Please contact the Safeguarding Team with your concern as soon as possible. A representative from the Safeguarding Team will respond within 48 hours and will document all complaints.

*Immanuel Leaders: Rector, Clergy, Staff, Parish Council, City Group leaders or NextGen Volunteers

  If you have a concern about behavior by a member or attender at Immanuel (not in a position of leadership) or have another pastoral need related to safety or abuse:

Please email our Care Team with your concern, and a member of our staff will follow up with you.

Confidentiality Note

All Immanuel Leaders will protect confidentiality as much as possible to protect both the individual making the complaint and the individual being accused. Complaints will be shared only with additional Immanuel leaders as necessary for the safety and pastoral care of Immanuel’s community and (when necessary) with government authorities.

Policy on Registered Sex Offenders

At this time, we are unable to accommodate Registered Sex Offenders in our worship services on Sunday mornings. Please reach out to our staff with any questions about this policy.