Strengthened in the Spirit

Immanuel’s Confirmation Process

What is confirmation? “In confirmation, through the Bishop’s laying on of hands and prayer for daily increase of the Holy Spirit, God strengthens the believer for Christian life in the service of Christ and his kingdom.” (BCP)

What is “Strengthened in the Spirit”? The process of preparing for confirmation varies from congregation to congregation. Immanuel’s confirmation process is called “Strengthened in the Spirit,” and it is designed to strengthen participants in their relationship with God and in their relationship with the church, and prepare them for mission and witness.

Our “Strengthened in the Spirit” discipleship process unfolds over six months (Part 1 from September-November 2021 and Part 2 from January-March 2022) and includes a series on Emotionally Healthy Discipleship (more info below) and a variety of teachings about life in the Spirit, life on mission with God, Anglican identity and how to grow in your spiritual gifts.

This process culminates in a confirmation service, where our Bishop will lay hands on each participant and pray for the Holy Spirit to be released more fully in their life for mission and ministry.

Who is confirmation for? This discipleship process is open to any baptized believer (9th grade* or older) who desires to strengthen their relationship with God, strengthen their relationship with the church and receive more of the Holy Spirit for mission and witness. (Adult confirmands must be current members of Immanuel Anglican Church. Learn about our membership process here.)

What are the expectations for participants?

  • Attend all gatherings.
  • Memorize a Scripture passage.
  • Recruit two prayer sponsors for the duration of the process.
  • Complete additional exercises and assignments.

Interested in confirmation? Contact our staff and let us know!

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