Holy Week 2021

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Good Friday

Easter (8:30AM)

Easter (10:30AM)

Good Friday Gift: Eggshell Cambodia

Each year on Good Friday we collect a special offering on behalf of people who are suffering in the world around us. This year we will be giving to Eggshell Cambodia, an organization that provides Christian care for vulnerable children in Cambodia. This gift allows us to partner with Fr. Gregory and Dr. Heidi Whitaker (some of you may remember Fr. Gregory and Dr. Heidi’s visit several years ago!) to expand a Christian daycare in rural Cambodia where impoverished children receive Jesus’ love.

While Cambodia has seen much recovery and growth over recent years, some of the poorest families still live in terrible hardship. Children are particularly at risk when left alone; they are vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation whilst their parents are at work.

Eggshell Cambodia seeks to provide hope, protection, safe haven and a future for children by giving them a secure environment in their local area and community. Your gifts will help double the capacity of Eggshell Cambodia’s daycare to provide safe care, teaching, activities and healthcare in Jesus’ name to vulnerable young children.

You can give to the Good Friday Gift all through Holy Week (March 28 – April 4, 2021)!

Other Resources

Stations of the Cross

Listen and pray through the Stations of the Cross. (Duration: 25 minutes.)

Seven Days with Jesus

Use this devotional to walk with Jesus, day-by-day, through the events of Holy Week.

Resources for Families

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